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1. Zoe in Yellow

If you want to let loose and dance as if no one is watching then Zoe in Yellow is the best place to be in Chiang Mai Old City. This bar and club can be heard before it is seen, as house music is pumped out for an eager, mostly backpacker crowd to dance the night away. Inside there is a tree-lined courtyard where you can sit down with a beer and strike up easy conversation, but Zoe in Yellow is most fun when you are in amongst the crowd with your hands in the air. After a certain hour the party moves into an indoor section which can be sealed off to keep the noise down, and if house and trance isn’t your thing, there are some other smaller bars behind playing reggae and rock music. Food served until late.

2. North Gate Jazz Co-Op

North Gate Jazz Co-Op is the premier live jazz bar in Chiang Mai, with an immensely talented roster of live musicians. It is located close to the Chang Puak Gate on the north side of the moat in the Old City. Even though this bar lacks the views and the ambiance of the several Riverside Bars popular with jazz fans, we love North Gate Jazz Co-Op for sticking true to jazz classics and not watering it down pop standards as some places are prone to do in Thailand. The bar is a little run down and offers limited seats inside, so if you are lucky you might grab the sofa facing the band, but we enjoy the ambiance at the tables that spill out of the bar. Usually there are two bands every night, playing from 21:00 and finishing at 24:00. There are ‘free jam’ sessions on Tuesday nights.

3. Loi Kroh Chiang Mai Hot Street

Just south of Tha Pae Gate, the short strip leading towards Night Bazaar is a jungle of girlie bars, massage parlours and go-go pubs with their prettiest staff members outside beckoning patrons like sirens. While some have labelled this area a little bit in-your-face, it’s the place to go if you’d like some easy company. The bars are all similar with a row of girls with drinking games like Connect Four and possibly a pool table. They are all located next to each other so you can walk (or even stagger) from one to the next.

4. The UN Irish Pub

Irish pubs are a ubiquitous sight in any tourist area, and the Old City in Chiang Mai is no different. I’m confident you know the score by now: oak and brass fittings, hearty pub grub, football on the telly, Guinness on tap – The UN Irish Pub isn’t reinventing the wheel but they are the best at what they do in Chiang Mai. The menu offers all those comfort foods Europeans miss from back home such as bangers and mash or a steak pie. Prices are slightly higher than many of the surrounding places on Ratwithi Road, but offer value for money. Saturday and Sunday nights The UN Irish Pub is popular for Premier League football fans, and on Monday, NFL takes centre stage. There’s a leafy beer garden out the back that has twinkly fairy lights and a small bakery open in the daytime. Free Wi-Fi.

5. C.M. Entertainment Complex and Muay Thai Stadium

C.M. Entertainment Complex is an entire warehouse dedicated to adult nightlife – a lot of fun but not the best place to bring your family. Easily spotted by the glowing red neon sign that says “Free Show”, the complex houses some 30 girlie bars with pool tables and loud, throbbing music. There’s also a cabaret show and an excellent Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) stadium in the middle where matches are staged on most nights. Some nights there are free exhibitions but on weekends there is usually genuine bouts and they will charge an entry fee, although this is much lower than the price charged in other tourist areas such as Bangkok or Phuket.

6. THC Rooftop Bar

If the neon graffiti lining the staircase doesn’t tell you what kind of place this is, then the throbbing drum and bass tunes certainly will! THC Rooftop Bar is extremely popular with backpackers with cushions on the floor, low tables, and a tree-house vibe thanks to lots of bamboo flooring. Partially covered but open-air, the views from the fourth floor rooftop look out over Tha Phae Gate and the moat for a classic Chiang Mai cityscape. Those who want to dance congregate around the live DJ, while others prefer to chat the night away or even lie back and sink another cocktail bucket. Beers are very cheap, starting from 65 baht.

7. John's Place

Definitely a place to go if you enjoy elevated seating, this rooftop bar is the sort of place you can get stuck in for hours it’s that nice, with the soft breezes and friendly staff. You can either relax, talk and not get drowned out by overbearing music. Enjoy yourself within the spacious social area, good for dancing and meeting people. During calmer weekdays they have been known to show films. John’s bar is a long-term favourite with Chiang Mai’s locals and expats.

8. Reggae Bars

Considering Chiang Mai is so chilled out it’s not surprising there is a small but lively reggae culture here. For those interested in the Rasta bar scene, the best place to find it is behind Zoe in Yellow bar and club, just off Ratvithi Road in Old City Chiang Mai. Bars like Roots Reggae and Babylon have live bands performing every night, as well as cheap beers, bucket cocktails, food and pool tables. Although the convergence of sound systems can make the area sound like a battle of the bands, this area has a great Bourbon Street atmosphere, with patrons carousing from bar to bar.

9. The Writers' Club & Wine Bar

With a décor concept best described as ‘electronic colonial’ The Writers Club & Wine Bar is Chiang Mai’s unofficial press club open to anyone who enjoys good conversation and drinking with Chiang Mai’s media set. There is a constant influx of guests – from British authors to Burmese painters – who ensure a stimulating evening. The Writers Club & Wine Bar is located on Rachadamnoen Road, close to Wat Pan Tao in the centre of the Old City.

10. Spicy Nightclub

Spicy Nightclub is well known as the last place to close in Chiang Mai. Pumping out dance music late into the night it is loved and hated in equal measure, but if you don’t want to the party to stop this is the place to be. Spicy Nightclub in Chiang Mai is located on the outside of the moat, just north of Tha Phae Gate. Arrive before midnight and you will find a dark, empty room with pounding house and trance music, but once everywhere else closes it becomes packed with a mixed clientele including a large amount of ‘freelance’ girls. It’s not a sophisticated place, but it is a lot of fun if you are looking to dance and mingle late into the night. Every tuk-tuk driver in the city will know it so finding it should be easy. There is no cover charge, no dress code and drinks prices are reasonable. They also enforce a strict “no ladyboys allowed” policy.

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More About Chiang Mai Tourism

The city is renowned as a centre of Thai handicrafts. Small villages nearby specialize in crafts such as silverwork, wood carving, and making pottery, umbrellas, and lacquerware. Traditional Thai silk is woven at San Kamphaeng to the east.

In addition, nature and mountain tours are another activity that should not be missed when visiting Chiang Mai, whether stepping on the highest point of Thailand at the top of Doi Inthanon. Absorb the beauty of the rice fields, feel the Cool breeze while watching the giant tiger flower at Doi Ang Khang. Experience Ecotourism HomeStay in Mae Kampong and visit Hmong villages in Doi Pui and many more.