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Chiang Mai Nightlife

MThe Nimmanheimin Road area has emerged as a popular haunt with the city's younger set, in particular the Monkey club where live music and great food go hand in hand. Within the walled city there is a multitude of backpacker and hotel bars that cater to a range of budgets, from the cheap and cheerful to boutique-chic. As with the rest of Thailand there is quite a high concentration of reggae bars where cheap beer cushion laden floors and chilled out beats make for a laid back evening.

Chiang Mai nightlife can be whatever you want it to be, the city offers a broad scope of drinking and dancing options but for the most part live music venues have the monopoly. Riverside drinking is a popular past time where residents and visitors settle down by the Ping River with a chilled drink and some good company, while the live band entertain with classic blues, jazz and rock tunes a hallmark of any Chiang Mai visit.


Getting out at night in Chiang Mai is a relaxing and easy affair, with many great bars and pubs located within walking distance of the Night Market or Old Town. There's plenty of themed pubs in Chiang Mai catering to tourists and you'll find a busy atmosphere on most nights during the tourist season.


Gambling is illegal in Thailand.


This is a list of the nightclubs in Chiang Mai. I update this list as nightclubs close open or change their name so you can bookmark the page or link to it if you like. What I concider a Nightclub in Chiang Mai is typically an enclosed area with standing tables where people dance around the tables. This is the Thai style Night Club. Thai people call a Nightclub a Pub. A regular Pub what we think of Thai people would call a Bar. If you think I'm missing a Nightclub or any changes that need to be made to the list please email me or comment below.

Live music:-

A fantastic hip spot to grab a cocktail by the riverside. The crowd that heads to Chiang Mai these days are multifaceted, the scene at Deck 1 is sophisticated yet laid-back. You'll encounter groups of expats, but with live music and delish cocktails, everyone's down to have a good time. Thai cuisine here is indulge-worthy too!