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Chiang Mai Airport Information

Chiang Mai is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination and its international airport caters well to visitors, receiving 130 flights a week from Bangkok as well as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Myanmar and Laos. The airport is seldom crowded and has a full range of facilities on offer

Located less than 10 minutes by taxi from the city centre, Chiang Mai International Airport has a single terminal to deal with both domestic and international flights. All check-in counters are located in the middle of the ground floor, while departures are upstairs on the mezzanine level. All arrivals exit into the lower level at the northern end of the building.

There is a travel agent at the airport and customer service desks for Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Bangkok Airways and a number of small airlines. The check-in area is seldom crowded. At least one exchange bureau is found in the terminal, offering reasonable rates, with an ATM on hand as well.

Chiang Mai Airport has several food outlets, including two coffee shops, a deli and a fast food outlet. There are also a number of small shops selling silk, handicrafts, fresh produce and souvenirs. On the mezzanine level, you will find a bookshop selling English language books and magazines.

Within the departure lounge there are additional food and merchandise shops, and a large screen television

Getting from Chiang Mai Airport to the city is painless, there are plenty of tuk tuk and songtaew minibuses outside, charging 100 baht for a journey to most places in central Chiang Mai, although the journey back to the airport is only 50 baht.

There is ample, safe parking outside Chiang Mai Airport, costing 10 baht per hour. Hire cars can also be arranged from the airport

Remark : Please do not were short, sandals, no-sleeves T-shirts. Camera may not used inside the buildings.