Terms & Conditions

Sunleisureworld.net is an innovative, powerful and wonderfully convenient system for Business to Business travel related online booking providing instant confirmation for Tours, Transfers, Sightseeing, and Package Tours incorporating state of the art technology. To access to this program is strictly controlled by Sun Leisure World, all the information including picture, designs, logos, text, audio, videos contained within this website is copyright and protected. Copying, reproducing, improper use, disclosing of information is strictly prohibited. Sunleisureworld.net reserves the right to change and enhance the details within the website from time to time. Such changes will be notified through the systems “Terms and Conditions”. Sunleisureworld.net is a division of Sun Leisure World Corporation, one of Thailand’s leading Destination Management Companies duly licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. SLW is committed to globally serve tours operators, travel agents and or any form of Business to Business. Access to this website shall imply the acceptance of the terms & conditions by the Agent; this will be an irrevocable acceptance to the conditions laid down in the website. SLW reserve the right at any time to amend the terms and conditions; such amended terms of use shall be effective upon posting on this website. Other specific terms and conditions may apply to specific content, product, materials, services or information contained available through this web site. Such specific terms will supersede respective conditions contained within this document. It is the responsibilities of the agent to be conversant well with all the updates and any changes with other relevant information. SLW reserve the right to offer a login ID, password and company code to access Sunleisureworld.net, online reservation system, to a travel agent, tour operator, wholesale travel company and any form of Business to Business travel agent providing hotel and other travel components booking service. Access codes provided to agent’s personnel / staff becomes the responsibility of the organization and are not allowed to be transferred or disclosed to a third party, for security reason sunleisureworld.net reserve the right to changes the access codes, it is the duty of the agent to notify sunleisureworld.net on the termination/resignation of an employee of the organization so that such access codes can be de-activated to control misuse and possible liability of credit facility. All rates quoted are NON-COMISSIONABLE. Quoted Hotel /Tours /Transfer / Sightseeing rates are inclusive of taxes and service charges. Transfers, sightseeing, package and tours are per person basis. Rates are quoted in Thai Baht only a depending on separate agreement with the agents and are highly confidential. Child supplements are individual to hotels and will be as per the policy or individual hotels, infants under 2 years are generally free.

Booking Reservations Procedure

Entire booking via www.sunleisureworld.net, provided hotels / tours / transfer / sightseeing are available in the system. which is instantly confirmed and guaranteed to the hotel / tours/sightseeing / transfer. However all tours / sightseeing / hotels depending on each hotel’s / Tour’s cancellation policy, when you make a booking, your printed voucher will have cancellation and amendment policy.

Hotels booking

All flash deal is only possible to buy with a prior payment either by bank transfer or using our online payment system. All hotel booking is automatically confirmed to hotels and you can instantly print the voucher. Number of guest per room in hotels is defined in the booking inventory; child in the room must be specified during booking with age limit, extra bed and meals cost are generally charged by respective hotels. Additional night booking after departure will be treated as a new reservation.

Transfer / Tours / Sightseeing

All transfer/sightseeing/tours booked 72 hours in advance will be treated as confirmed, You can amend/cancel the booking by yourself by using your unique user id and password. All group booking can also be requested through our system however you can also send us email to group@sunleisureworld.com or fax to +66 2 817 2294.


Our Partner may use their own vouchers; all such voucher should state the service provided on the voucher and has to mention booking payment through sunleisureworld.net. Every voucher should also indicate the confirmation number and a printout from the booking system. Supplier may refuse to accept guest when information is incomplete, inaccurate and illegible.

Special Notes

The agent shall be responsible for flight booking and information such correct flight details to sunleisureworld.net by using our online booking form. Any amendment should also notify to re-arrange the sightseeing and transfer or hotel booking. The Agent shall be responsible to inform their customers to obtain necessary entry visas as required along with all personal and family documentations such as passport bearing at least 6 months validity as required by the destinations visited. The customers is also responsible for his / her baggage and personal belongings throughout the stay / tour / transfer booked with sunleisureworld.net.

Stander facilities of similar hotel category are different from country to country according to the regulations applicable. Accommodation information is generally provided by hotels; transfer and sightseeing is arranged by Sun Leisure World Corporation. Any inaccuracy of hotels information, given by hotels is not the responsibility of Sun Leisure World. Hotel may change name or trade name from time to time; this should not constitute as a change of hotel or modification of the reservation. SLW shall not always be able to provide the agent with notice of renovation works at hotels or extensions of such renovation over the planned dates. Furthermore SLW shall not be liable for such renovation works. SLW shall not be responsible for any accident, loss, annoyance, delay or expense due to quarantine, strike, any other event of force of nature, failure of any other means of conveyance or change in transit or hotel/tours/sightseeing service and other cause over which SLW has got no control. SLW reserve the right to accept or decline any person as a member in a tour or to cancel or alter the tour.

Credit and Cash Sales

Agents duly appointed as credit agents will be provided separate agreement together with a credit limit and access to the booking system, login ID codes provided to personnel/staff of such agent will be the sole responsibility of the agency. Each agency will be responsible to monitor the activities of the users for all reservations, payment and cancellation penalties. An agent without credit facilities can pay through bank transfer or our online payment system by paying through credit or debit card. Agents need to enter ONE TIME credit/debit card details to make a reservation. Booking will be confirmed only after SLW receives approval payment from credit card/debit card/bank transfer, the booking would be considered confirmed and a confirmation voucher would be issued.


Hotels Cancellation Policy: - The Booking system indicates cancellation period for each hotel before the booking is finalized and accepted as confirmed. Every such cancellation request will be treated as a request to formally enter into a legal binding contract according to the terms and conditions in the system. When a hotels booking is cancelled before the cancellation deadline, the status of such booking will be changed to cancel confirmed as indicated in the ADMIN PANNEL. However this cancellation of confirmed booing will be charge with 4.5% cancellation charge (Bank Fee)


Amendments can be made to any booking within the inventory prior to the cancellation deadline; any amendments after the deadline will incur cancellation charges as indicated in the cancellation deadline clause.


The agent with a credit line will have access to view its credit limit and balance under “Credit Limit” on the opening page after logging into the website. In case you do not have credit so you can still make the booking by using our online payment system or by using bank transfer. A agents without prior credit may use our bank account to transfer money to us,

Bank Account Information

Account Name: - Sun Leisure World Corporation.,Ltd.
Account Number: - 193-11-0864-2
Bank Name:- Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited
Type of Account: - Current
Account Name: - Amit Kumar
Account Number:- 388-2847-496
Bank Name: - Kasikorn Bank Publich Company Limited
Type of Account:- Saving
Branch: - Big C Sukhsawat


Any refund should be reported within 32 days in writing with proof from the respective service provider. Partial refunds received in writing with proof within 32 days will be verified from the service provider, if any amount is partially refundable or totally non-refundable. Such cases will be processed after confirmation from the service provider and will be final and binding. Under no circumstances can an agent deduct payment from an invoice either partial or in total without written approval from Sun Leisure World Corporation. Refunds will be processed within a period of 32 days only. No further claims will be considered after a refund case is finalized and paid.


SLW is not itself a provider of accommodation, ground services, tours or any services provided; not does it control the third parties who provide such services in connection with arrangements offered within the booking system.


does not accept and hereby excludes all liabilities for the acts or omission whether negligent or otherwise of airlines, coach operators, tour operators, excursion companies, hoteliers or any person providing services in connection with the requested booing mad herewith.


further accepts no liability for any loss of damage caused by events beyond its control, where the featured properties and services in this agreement are booked by the agent and do not meet the expectations of your customers.


shall not be liable for any indemnified by the agent in respect of any loss either direct or indirect third party claim suffered as a result of any incorrect or incomplete booking confirmed by the system.

Complaints and Claims

All complaints are governed by the liability clause (above) within the system, however all complaints should be lodged immediately within the provider of the service and also lodged with SLW who will try to resolve this complain without any liability. All complaints should be reported immediately to the service provider, hotelier during guest stay, failure to do so it will result in SLW ignoring the complaint. In any event SLW should be notified of all complaints within 15 days of the event giving rise to the complaint. The agent shall bear full responsibility in an event the customer acts abnormally of displays antisocial behavior. SLW or its designed service provider reserves the right to immediately cancel the customer stay and the agent will be charged for any amount arising for the delinquent behavior of the customer which may be subject to a claim by a third party.

Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes arising out of the aforementioned terms and condition shall be subject to laws and exclusive jurisdiction of Kingdom of Thailand.