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Common Questions:-


Pick Up Place:-

Sun Leisure World pick up from almost all hotels and resorts which is located in the center of the city(2 KM radius from center of city) , if your place is located outside the city please come to our meeting point and you can join our tours.



After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher?:-

usually immediately as soon as you finish the booking.


Pick Up Time:-

Our pick up time is mentioned in our tours voucher, If you are booking a private tours, our pick up time may be delayed up to 15-20 Minute, However if you are booking a join tour, where we pick up number of customer, we might be late up to 45 Minute.

Check pick point in Thailand:-
Chaing Mai

When should we ready for tours:-

15 Minutes before tours starts times.

Arrival Transfer Meeting Point and Pick Up time:-

For all arrival transfer we pick up immediately after you have reached to airport, we have got our airport meeting points please check with blow details:-

Thailand (Drop Down Menu)

Bangkok (Drop down menu with all details like Klook)
Chiang Mai

Departure Transfer:-

For all kind of departure transfer our pick up time is 4 Hours before flight time, please wait at your hotel lobby after checking out our driver will come to pick you up. Our driver may be delayed up to 15 Minutes.

Booking Voucher:-

We use booking code and mobile voucher, you do not need to do anything just use our mobile voucher and save in your mobile and you can use it when ask for your identity. For transfers they might check your passport or identity card.

Payment Process:-

Payment Bank:-

We accept all credit and debit card via PAYPAL a trusted payment gateways.

How can I see how much it will cost:-

We have displayed all tours itinerary with price, please search the itinerary and you will get the price for adult and children.

Which currency we accept:-

We accept all currency of the world using payment system Paypal.

How can I Pay?:-

You can pay using credit/debit card or your paypal account.

Can I Pay By Cash:-

Yes we have many tours which accept 80% cash, but you need to pay 20% non refundable booking guarantee via paypal. Just you pay 20% and your booking is secure, you can pay on the day of tours 80%.


Do you have a physical office for me to buy from?
Unfortunately our physical office does not serve as a ticketing office.

I can't pay, help!
The issue is likely to be caused by one of the following situations:
a. If the our website works fine, but upon clicking 'Pay', the page doesn't load --> Please refresh the page, or try again later.
b. Your card is rejected --> Please try a different card. Most common bank cards are accepted but please
c. We are using pay pal as payment method using your credit card and you are being forced to sign up as a PayPal member --> Unfortunately the actions of PayPal are out of our control, we advise you to sign up for PayPal in order to pay.
If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our hotline or email rsvn@sunleisureworld.com.

Is my payment secure?
You can be safe in the knowledge that we're using third party secure payment gateways to process your payment. Paypal has been widely known for trusted payment gateway.

Changes & Refunds

Can I get a refund?
Please check the cancelation details of your activity to see if you are eligible for a refund. In the rare case that an activity that you have booked is canceled, we will give you the option of booking an alternative date or requesting a full refund.
For other changes or refund enquiries, please call our support team or email rsvn@sunleisureworld.com

I still haven't received my refund, what happened?
If your initial payment was made via PayPal, the refund will be processed instantly after we file the refund. If you paid by credit card, it usually takes 5 - 7 working days, or up to 30 days for certain banks, for you to receive the refund in your account.
If after these time scales you have still not received your refund, please email rsvn@sunleisureworld.com

How do I change information about my reservation after I make a booking?
Please log in using our booking management manage booking and amend your email id to receive booking.

How do I Claim Refund:-

First, please check the cancelation details of your activity to see if you are eligible for a refund. Then email rsvn@sunleisureworld.com or call our hotline and we will help process your request.

Account Settings

How do I create an account?
You can sign up by booking any tours, all process will become automatic.

How can I reset my password?
Log into our website www.klook.com, click on your profile in the top right-hand corner, then select 'Settings'. Enter your current password, and the preferred new password. Note that your password is case sensitive and must include at least 8 characters, including 1 number.

What should I do if I forget my password?
Visit our website www.sunleisureworld.com, click 'Log In', then 'Forgot Password'. Enter the email address that you used to create your account and we will send you a link to reset your password.

How can I change my email address?
Go to your profile by clicking on the top right-hand corner, then select 'My Account'. Enter your preferred email address and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

How do I delete my account?
For more information, please contact us via email to rsvn@sunleisureworld.com.

Why was my account deactivated?
For more information, please contact us via email to rsvn@sunleisureworld.com.

Coupons & Credits

How can I get Sun Leisure credits?
You get Sun Leisure World credits every time you book an activity. We offer rebate in the form of Sun Leisure Credit at 5 - 10% of the booking value for each activity completed. 1Credits = 1 Thai Baht. Adjust the currency settings to view the equivalent dollar amount of your accumulated credits. The more activities you complete, the more credits you'll earn.

How can I use credits?
Once you have collected more than 10 credits, you may use these credits towards your next purchase.<
On our website, you can apply your credits by ticking the box in the 'Promotion' section of the check out page when making a booking.
When making a booking on our app, after entering the relevant Traveler's Information, you can choose to 'Redeem Credits' on the following page. Choose 'Select Credits' to determine the amount of credits you wish to apply to the booking.

Will Credits expire?
Credits are valid until 31st December the year following the year you received the credits. For example, credits received on 1 Jan 201 will expire on 31 Dec 2019. Credits received on 31 Dec 2018 will expire on 31 Dec 2019. Credits will automatically expire after this time.

How do I earn credits for inviting my friends?
You can share your unique referral code or link to invite friends to sign up to Sun Leisure World. Every friend you invite will receive Thai Baht 100 (US$3) in Sun Leisure World credits. When that friend books and completes aour experience.

My friend booked an activity but I still haven't received my credits, what happened?
You will receive your credits only after your friend completes the experience. For example, if your friend books a tour today for a date in 2 weeks' time, you will receive your credit in 2 weeks after your friend finishes the tour. Please allow 24 hours for the credit to appear in your account.

What should I do if I need help?
Our friendly Support Team is available to assist you in English, Thai & Hindirsvn@sunleisureworld.comor via online chat.
weprovides16 hour support (From 07:00 Am to 21:00 Pm Thailand Time GST+7)