Vancouver, BC
Yangon ,Myanmar

Yangon Festival

Yangon is a very spiritual place that tends to celebrate many festivals throughout the year. Many of these festivals are celebrated in the various pagodas around the city.

For instance, the Full Moon of Tabaung Luman Month, which occurred between February and March, indicates it is time for rice harvest. Also it also celebrates the enshrinement of the 8 pieces of sacred hair that are believed to be contained in the Shwedagon pagoda.

The Thingyan, which is the Myanmar Water Festival, honors the Burmese New Year. This festival lasts three days and is filled with color and celebration on the various waterways around Yangon. In April and May, the city celebrates three important Buddhist milestones: The Birth of Buddha, englightenment and Nirvana at his death. At this time, men and women of all ages go to pagodas in procession to pour water on the sacred Bo Tree.