Vancouver, BC
Rishikesh ,India

Rishikesh Festival

Every year International Yoga Festival is organized in Rishikesh since 1999. Generally it is organized from 01st March to 07th March. International Yoga Festival provides opportunity to attend yoga classes with world famous yoga teachers. Each yoga teacher is expert in some particular type of yoga such as Kundlini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Naad Yoga, Ashtang Vinyasa Yoga, Hath Yoga, Power Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga and Raj Yoga. Apart from yoga there are also some classes on meditation. Since 1999 every year the visitors are increased. Now the International Yoga Festival is famous in all over the world. During International Yoga Festival Rishikesh is full of various people from all over the world. People from various countries and religions make this festival not only related to yoga but it is also feels like cultural festival. Rishikesh is naturally blessed with scenic beauty. People love to learn yoga in Rishikesh than anywhere else in the world. That make Rishikesh best place for the International Yoga Festival.

Most of the people believe that yoga is physical exercise but yoga is far beyond that. Yoga in not only for body but it is also for our mind and soul. Yoga means Union. Union of breath with body, mind with muscles and also union of self with divine. Yoga is not related to any religion. For Yoga you don't need to worship some god or follow some particular religion or even chant some mantras. Yoga is a science which is used for better health, peaceful life and stress less mind since ancient time.