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Dharamshala ,India

Dharamshala Festival

There are various festivals and events in Dharamshala that are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fanfare.

The festival season begins with the two-day Haldi Festival that involves dancing, family gathering and sitting around the bonfire, made of cedar twigs. Lohri or Maghi, an agricultural festival is held in mid-January. Traditional folk dances and songs mark the celebrations of Lohri festival.

The Losar Festival or the Tibetan New Year is one of the main festivals Dharamshala, celebrated in the months of February and March. Tourists can visit this place during this time, when people in McLeodganj are in a festive mood.

Another major Tibetan festival that is celebrated with lots of devotion is Saka Dawa Festival, which is celebrated to honour Lord Buddha.

Apprise yourself with the rich culture and tradition of Tibet at a 10-day opera that is organised by Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in the month of April. Various folk dances and performances are also organised during this period.

Another important festival is the Prashar Fair held on the banks of Prashar Lake to welcome the season of summer. Every year, this festival is celebrated in June. It is usually a two-day long festival that commences on the 15th of June. The cultural extravaganza of the fair highlights the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh.

Dal Fair is yet another important festival in Dharamshala celebrated on the banks of Dal Lake in August or September. During this festival, devotees take dips in the holy water of Dal Lake. In September, an animal fair and Shaivite festival is also organised near Dal lake.

The International Himalayan Festival is celebrated for three days in December, in the honour of divine Dalai Lama. The festival is celebrated to honour the day the Dalai Lama was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1985. Various cultural programmes are performed by local and neighbourhood artists and Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts.