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New Delhi Nightlife

When the sun goes down in Delhi, it is time to go out and enjoy everything that this exciting destination has on offer. Whether your preference is for relaxing in a quiet wine-bar, or letting your hair down and dancing the night away in a nightclub. Nightlife means fun and entertainment at night: dance clubs, bars, parties, festivals, shows, restaurants, live music bands and all that. The idea is to go out and have good old-fashioned fun.

As well known, Delhi has a long way to go to compete with Mumbai as the capital of Indian nightlife. In Delhi, it is notoriously difficult to obtain an alcohol licence and many of the swishest watering holes and nightclubs are in the five-star international hotels - with prices to match. Apart from hotels, the watering holes of Delhi are concentrated around Connaught Place, with various outposts in the more prosperous southern suburbs. Wine in Delhi is very expensive and frequently of indifferent quality - those who wish to drink would be well advised to stick to beer, spirits or cocktails.

Pubs & Bars :-

Taj Mahal Hotel, I Mansingh Road New Delhi
Subtle and sophisticated, Rick's is Delhi's latest nighttime sizzle, with warm lighting and a neon-green bar. Adding to the vibe is a jazzy female vocalist and baby grand piano. Rick's has a good selection of spirits (101 Martinis, 43 Single malts and Vodkas more in number than fingers and toes), not to mention some fine Cubans for the aficionados. Yes, cigars. If gastronomy is more your raison d'etre their delicious Southeast Asian menu has a few new additions to look forward to (soups, wokkerie, the chef's ramen). Add to this great ambience and retro music on weekends, and nothing says unwind better. Do reserve in advance, a lot of people think the same too